VERKLINE Front Caster Adjustable Control Arms - A90/A91 Supra

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After an extensive development and testing program, we made this front adjustable caster arm available to everyone. The car was 3D laser scanned, the wishbone was CAD developed, we have tested the CAD model with FEA (Finite element method) and performed road-going tests so you can now buy our adjustable caster arm. Benefits:

  • Easy caster adjustability with a turnbuckle jackscrew.
  • Increased strength and rigidity for improved handling performance.
  • No rubber to bend, you will not lose the geometry set when doing an alignment.
  • You do not need to change the whole arm in case of wear of the ball joint. We use easily available replaceable high-quality spherical bearings.
  • About same weight as OEM regarding additional functionality.


    • This is a bolt-in kit, no modifications are necessary to the car.
    • Wishbone comes pre-assembled, with initially predefined length.
    • Robust pin and adjustment sleeve machined out of high-strength steel.
    • CNC machined arm out of 6082 t6 aluminum.
    • High-quality spherical bearings with increased articulation capability.
    • Wishbone secured from extensive side-swinging which could occur collisions with knuckle or steering rod.
    • Includes all necessary parts to mount on the car.
    • Can be used with OEM knuckle and subframe.

    What's Included:

    • Two (pair) CNC billet 6082 aluminum front wishbones (caster arms)
    • Two (pair) CNC billet 6082 aluminum arm mounts
    • Two (pair) CNC machined Cr-Mo upright pins
    • Two (pair) CNC machined Cr-Mo adjustment turnbuckles
    • Thin locking nuts
    • 4 high-quality motorsport spherical bearings
    • Lightweight aluminum spacer sleeves for assembling of the arm in the front subframe
    • Printed install instructions