Torque Solution Anti-Buffeting Wind Deflectors - A90/A91 Supra

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Torque Solution Carbon Fiber Anti-Buffeting Wind Deflectors are the perfect solution for looks and wind deflection on your GR Supra. The GR Supra is notorious for wind noise (buffeting) due to the air flow into the cabin with the windows down, which really makes the drive unenjoyable. The solution is adding anti-buffeting wind deflectors to the mirror bases which deflects the wind away from the cabin for a quieter enjoyable ride.

Our Anti-Buffeting Wind Deflectors are made from a 2x2 carbon fiber weave and then coated in a high gloss automotive clear. Simple install using the supplied automotive quality 3M VHB double-sided tape.


  • 2x2 Carbon Fiber Weave
  • High Gloss Automotive Clear
  • 3M VHB Double-Sided Tape

What's Included:

  • Carbon Fiber Wind Deflector (1 LH, 1 RH)
  • 5" Long 3M VHB Double-Sided Tape (6)