torqbyte CM5-LTS Water Methanol Injection Controller

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As the next generation of the highly popular CM5-LT, Torqbyte CM5-LTS raises the bar further as the most advanced programmable water methanol pump controller on the market.  It is capable of simultaneously driving two individually-controllable water methanol injection (WMI) pumps and up to four individually controllable anti-siphon solenoids, Fast Acting Valves (FAVs), auxiliary high impedance injectors, relays, light indicators, or any combination thereof.  Each of the CM5-LTS's two pump outputs is capable of supplying up to 15A to the connected WMI pump.

The S.A.D. progressive controllers all use manual entry of the start boost/MAF set point and the full boost/MAF switchover.  The controller then implements a straight line between these two points and proportionately varies the pump duty back and forth along that line.  The S.A.D. progressive controllers dont allow for logging and analysis of the injection system performance.  They are designed around a very low price target and are only slightly more sophisticated than a pressure-triggered hobbs switch wired directly to a pump.  They are widely used because they are inexpensive and require very little skill to install and operate.

Higher-end water methanol kits utilize a different control strategy that attempts to mimic the operation of a port injected fuel system where flow of the injected water methanol mixture is controlled by varying the duty of a œfast response valve� which is placed upstream of a delivery pump whose duty is held constant, usually at 100%.  Often the pump's internal bypass is used to keep the line pressure somewhat constant.  This is a more sophisticated technical approach offering a slightly better response time in which injection system reacts to input changes quicker than the crude S.A.D. progressive controllers.  This control approach also lends itself well to modern direct injection set-ups.  The placement of the œfast response valve� inherently prevents siphoning which is a problem in modern direct injection set-ups where the injection nozzles without check-valves are exposed to manifold vacuum.

Torqbyte CM5-LT can drive two delivery pumps and two on/off solenoids or two œfast response valves� or one of each solenoid type.  With the CM5-LT, the users can implement a VPD control approach based on RPM, boost or another 0-5V signal of their choice.  They can also implement the FPD-VSD control strategy that is based on RPM, boost or another 0-5V signal.  Because the CM5-LT has two PWM pump outputs and two General Purpose outputs (GPOs) which can either drive On/Off solenoids or PWM œfast response valves�, the user can implement a hybrid VPD/FPD-VSD control strategy or something completely new and unique.  The CM5-LT also interfaces directly with the hardware provided by the S.A.D. progressive controller suppliers as well as the European controller suppliers, so upgrading your existing system to use a CM5-LT is simple and straightforward.


  • Controls 1 or 2 Water Methanol Injection (WMI) pumps in forced induction gasoline or diesel setups
  • Industrys first 3D mapped PWM duty control based on Engine RPM and Boost - not available with typical "progressive" controllers
  • 4 General Purpose Outputs can be used for controlling boost control
  • Each one of the CM5-LTS' 6 outputs can be independently configured through a dedicated 16x16 duty table
  • CANBus integration allows injection control based on parameters broadcast on the particular vehicle's internal CAN network
  • Ideally suited for Direct Injection or staged Water Methanol setups
  • Advanced built-in safety features
  • Fully-customizable operation with easy to use TorqTune PC software
  • TorqTune software provides real-time data viewing, data logging and data playback of all system parameters
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in Canada

What's Included:

  • CM5-LTS Controller
  • 12ft (3.6m) Input / Output Harness
  • 12ft (3.6m) 12AWG Power Harness
  • 12ft (3.6mm) 14AWG Pump Harness
  • USB Cable
  • Controller Housing
  • Low-Profile Aluminum Enclosure (OPTIONAL)
  • MAP Sensor (OPTIONAL)
  • Accessories (OPTIONAL)