Verus Carbon Hood Louver Kit – Mk5 Toyota Supra


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Brand:Supra A90

The Verus Engineering Carbon Hood Louver Kit for Mk5 Toyota Supra helps reduce engine bay heat and pressure. The louver improves cooling stack efficiency, underhood component longevity, and adds a bump in the front end downforce by alleviating air pressure in the engine bay.

Using scan data, we developed the hood louver to have an OEM type fit and finish to the hood’s contour.  We took special care to ensure the louver was placed in an area that removed *minimal* underhood structure as well as in an area of low pressure for maximum evacuation.

Through CFD and on track data, we found the louvers to work very well on the car, dramatically reducing underhood temperatures.  Check out our blog for more information!


  • Carbon Hood Louver

  • Cut Template

  • Small White Verus Vinyl Sticker

  • 3M VHB Double-Sided Tape

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Verus Carbon Hood Louver Kit - Mk5 Toyota Supra


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