Titan Motorsports Stage 1 Supra MKV A90 / A91 ZF8HP51 Upgraded Transmission and Convertor


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Titan Motorsports has teamed up with industry leader ATI Performance Products to co-develop a ZF 8HP51 transmission upgrade for the A90/A91 Toyota Supra.  This combination has already proven itself to be effective in our Titan Motorsports test car, helping deliver the first 8 second quarter mile for the A90 platform.

 The user supplied transmission and torque converter cores are fully disassembled, inspected and checked for full functionality before any upgrades take place.  Once the transmission is determined to be in full working order, 8 new ALTO clutches and steels are added to the C and E clutch packs.  A custom made apply ring is installed in the D pack to allow for an extra clutch and steel as well.  Once assembly is complete the transmission receives a new ZF OEM pan and filter.  The torque converter is loosened by 300 – 500 rpm, all functioning blades are tig tacked in place and a 3rd lock up clutch and steel is fitted. We recommend a complete fluid flush upon installation and offer a bespoke fluid blend sourced and provided by ATI with this transmission in mind.

 The clutch materials and internal upgrades have been co-developed by ATI utilizing experience gained during their 60-year history of building industry leading performance transmissions and converter before being field testing by Titan in our house A90 Supra.  Multiple iterations of our transmission upgrades have been tested, inspected, and re-tested before finalizing the first stage upgrade available here today.   Rated at 800ft/lb torque this Titan Stage1 upgrade is the same transmission that put Titan first in the 8 second ¼ mile time for the A90/91 platform.

 Frequently asked questions: 

 Core Charge for the transmission is $5000, We will contact you after your order to arrange core exchange or core fee if applicable. 

International Shipping will be need to be arranged, please contact us directly in order to fulfill 




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Titan Motorsports Stage 1 Supra MKV A90 / A91 ZF8HP51 Upgraded Transmission and Convertor


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