Kelford Cams Supra A90 B58 Mk 5 Camshaft Set


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The Fifth Generation of Toyota Supra officially went on sale in May 2019. The car is a collaboration between BMW and Toyota and as such is equipped with the BMW B58 inline six that can also be found in the G29 BMW Z4. In its standard form the B58 provides the Supra with 250kW which, while healthy, leaves plenty of room for improvement. The Kelford range of catalogue camshafts are currently in production and set to become available in 2020. Our custom spring and Titanium retainer kit is already available.


258-A Camshaft Set

270/268 Degrees advertised duration. 10.3mm/10.15mm lift.

Stage1 Upgrade to suit bolt on parts, 550-750hp engines. Must have valve spring upgrade.

258-B Camshaft Set

285/280 Degrees advertised duration. 9.65mm/10.60mm lift.

Stage2 Cams, suited for built engines running 850-1000hp. Great with aftermarket plenums. Can run using full Valvetronic system or locked in full open position when using an aftermarket throttle body. Must use KVS58-BT spring kit.

258-C Camshaft Set

288/288 Degrees advertised duration. 9.65mm/10.80mm lift.

Stage3 Drag Cams, 1200hp+. Great when using alcohol based fuels and big boost. Recommended locking the Valvetronic system at 100% swing, must use aftermarket intake plenum with single throttle. Suited to professional built engines. Must use KVS58-BT spring kit.

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Kelford Cams Supra A90 B58 Mk 5 Camshaft Set


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