HKS – A90 Dry Carbon Racing Suction Intake – 70028-AT001

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Brand:Supra A90

To maximize the engine potential HKS suppresses the intake temperature rise as much as possible. Utilizing carbon as piping material instead of usually used aluminium helps to delay a heat transfer.

  • Using 3K weave prepreg on a CFRP intake pipe helps to produce the sporty and luxury appearance.
  • Airflow resistance is reduced by replacing the stock flexible rubber hose to a carbon pipe. Weight reduced about 35% by changing the pipe material from the conventional aluminium to the carbon fibre reinforced plastics. In addition, it prevents becoming the pipe hot so that to bring out the product performance without losing power due to intake air temperature rises.
  • A connecting part between power flow and intake pipe is designed as φ100 and it provides a strong impression in an engine room. You can enjoy the racing sounds as well.
  • You can feel the sharp back turbine sound when foot off the gas pedal.
  • Easy product installation by adopting the same shape of the turbine inlet connecting part from the stock.
  • It can be used with the stock ECU.
Would Suit :

Any MKV A90 Toyota Supra

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HKS - A90 Dry Carbon Racing Suction Intake - 70028-AT001

2.079,00 2.149,00  (-3%)

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