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We’ve partnered with Eagle to offer our most affordable 3.4L stroker kit yet. Eagle has developed a 4340 Billet 2JZ 94mm stroke 3.4L Stroker crank that brings affordable displacement increases to the masses. We’ve purchase the entire first production run and as a result this one is exclusively available through Titan Motorsports and packaged in an affordable shortblock at a price that nearly every enthusiast can get behind.

Price is based on a core exchange basis, buyer agrees to pay $1000 deposit refundable with usable core or can purchase a new Toyota core from Titan for $1500.

Assembled Shortblock Includes : 

  • Eagle 94MM Billet Crank
  • Titan Oil Drive Gear
  • Manley H-Tuff Rods
  • Manley or CP Pistons (based on inventory)
  • Upgraded Wrist Pins
  • King or ACL Main/Rod Bearings
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Assembly by our Industry Leading Machine shop

Starting at $6995 w/ Usable Core (Additional $1,000 Refundable Core Charge will be charged at time of purchase, refunded upon return of usable block, or $1500 we can supply a Brand New Toyota Block).

After speaking with Eagle we’ve decided to not put a power limitation on this setup at this time, however we recommend the Billet main upgrade for anyone making over 800whp.

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Titan Motorsports - Eagle 3.4L Stroker Short Block


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