Titan 1/2″ HEADGASKET – 93-98 Toyota 2JZ SUPRA


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Brand:Supra A80

TMS 1/2″ (0.5″ inch) Head Gasket for 93-98 Supra

Be careful as competitors may use a different gasket and they machine their gasket with a drill or drill press. We CNC machine our gaskets, because so you are able to then control the cutter speed and make a precision enlargement for the ½” head stud holes. This is done with a special bit to enlarge the opening of the gasket and create the stud holes within .001” tolerance. This is done as the head gasket is a critical engine component. If you drill it with a drill press then you will have a gasket with built up risers in the gasket, which when the head seal to the block it then rest’s on those risers. When you actually get into boost with the engine operational that is how the head gasket can blow. Our head gasket’s been tested beyond 2000hp and works fantastic, most race teams use our gasket for this reason. This is the same process and gasket that was used to win championships in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 with our drag vehicles. You surely can make the gasket cheaper, you can even drill it yourself, but that doesn’t make it right or perfect.

We know this because we tested this in detail in 2002 and had a lot of head gasket issues from drill press manufacturing and hence why Titan came up with the solution we use today.

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Titan 1/2" HEADGASKET - 93-98 Toyota 2JZ SUPRA


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