PHR Dual Brushless SPAL Fan Kit- Toyota / Lexus 1JZ / 2JZ


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Brand:Supra A80

Powerhouse Racing introduces you with the PINNACLE of cooling efficiency with the Dual Brushless SPAL Fan Kit.

We originally wanted to name this the “PHR Giant Freakin’ Fan Kit” and for good reason. Utilizing the latest Pulse-Width-Modulation Controlled BRUSHLESS fans from SPAL. At full kill, these bad boys pump almost 4500cfm.  

Built-in PWM control means full speed control with your aftermarket ECU. Turn them on at desired temperature and increase the speed as need, and vice a versa. The combination of this and brushless motor means this has super lower amperage pull at about 25 each amps at full load. This also mean as you gradually turn the fans on the initial shock on your charging system is much less severs as a standard on/off relay setup.

The fan kit requires a battery relocation and cold side intercooler pipe that run through OEM battery location.

The PHR Dual Brushless SPAL Fan Kit Includes:

  • Powerhouse Racing Fan Shroud
  • Dual PWM Brushless 12″ SPAL Fans
  • Powerhouse Racing Wiring Harness with Power, Feed, and PWM Control.
  • All necessary hardware


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PHR Dual Brushless SPAL Fan Kit- Toyota / Lexus 1JZ / 2JZ


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