Dress Up Bolts Titanium Hardware Engine Bay Kit – Toyota Supra MKIV


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Model:Supra A80

Dress Up Bolts Titanium Hardware kit for the Toyota Supra MKIV engine bay looks great and delivers a durable replacement option to prevent bolt/nut failure and ugly rust/corrosion.

This kit includes 43 titanium hardware pieces and detailed instructions making installation quick and easy.  The entire kit only weighs 165g!

This kit is available in seven color options: Red, True Burned, Gold, Blue, Purple, Polished, & Black.

Dress Up Bolts Titanium hardware is made of Ti 6AI-4V (Grade 5) and incorporates a hex key design that allows our bolts to be easily installed using an Allen wrench. 

Titanium is ~45% lighter, stronger, and will not corrode like your stock OEM hardware!

Check out the location diagram to see which hardware pieces this kit replaces in the engine bay.

Toyota Supra Engine Bay

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Dress Up Bolts Titanium Hardware Engine Bay Kit - Toyota Supra MKIV


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