GRP Engineering – 1JZ VVTi VRS Gasket Kit

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GRP Engineering have put together a high quality and cost effective VRS Gasket Kit which includes the following:

  • Multi Layer Head Gasket (11115-88410GRP)
  • Intake Manifold Gasket (17177-88410GRP)
  • Intake Collector Gasket (17179-88400GRP)
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket Pair (17173-88410GRP x2)
  • Camshaft Seal Pair (90311-38056GRP + 90311-40020GRP)
  • Cam Cover Gasket Pair (11213-88410GRP + 11214-88410GRP)
  • Cam Cover Bolt Washer Seals (006009P-NB9002 x16)
  • Water Neck Bypass Pipe O-Ring Pair (96761-24023GRP x2)
  • Water Neck 2 Bolt Gasket (16343-88400GRP)
  • Viton Valve Stem seals (GRP-JZ-VSS x24)

These kits are designed to include all gaskets and seals that you will need to replace in order to change your head gasket and refresh the top end. If you’re after a gasket that isn’t included please let us know. If you’re rebuilding a complete engine and need bottom end and need all the lower gaskets and seals please see our conversion set/bottom end gasket kit listed here:

GRP Engineering 1JZ/2JZ Bottom End Gasket Kit

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GRP Engineering - 1JZ VVTi VRS Gasket Kit

399,95 429,95  (-7%)

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