OBDEleven Pro - Next Gen

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OBDeleven NextGen – a pocket-sized Bluetooth device designed to make it easier for all drivers to communicate with their cars better. It offers Advanced Diagnostics for Volkswagen Group (VAG), BMW Group and Toyota Group, customizations for Volkswagen Group (VAG) and selected BMW Group vehicles, and Basic OBD2 Diagnostics for all car brand owners.
Customize your car the way you want and access hidden features with the help of various One-Click Apps. You can purchase your favorite Apps with Credits, our in-app currency.  
Officially licensed by the Volkswagen Group (VAG), the BMW Group, and Toyota Group, OBDeleven is the first third-party tool that lets you customize the newest VAG models with our SFD-unlock feature. 

Features for Volkswagen Group (VAG): 

  • Perform Advanced Diagnostics – scan, read, clear, and share trouble codes. 
  • Customize your car’s comfort features and reset service reminders with One-Click Apps (pre-made car customizations). 
  • View and test Live Data from your control units in real-time, like engine speed, coolant temperature, oil temperature, etc. 

Features for BMW Group: 

  • Perform Advanced Diagnostics – scan all available control units, read, clear, and share trouble codes for E (from 2008), F, G, I-series, MINI (F-series), and select Rolls-Royce models.  
  • Customize your car’s comfort features and reset service reminders with One-Click Apps (pre-made car coding applications) for F, G, I-series, MINI (F-series), and select Rolls-Royce models.

Features for Toyota Group: 

  • Perform Advanced Diagnostics – scan, read, and clear trouble codes for our supported models.
  • View detailed car info.
  • Track car history.

Features for all other car brands (with CAN-bus protocol, from 2008): 

  • Run Basic OBD2 Diagnostics and read fault codes stored in a vehicle’s engine control unit and identify problems. 
  • Clear fault codes from the vehicle engine control unit once the problem has been resolved. 


  • Part number: OBD11-00012
  • Compatible with: Audi, VW, BMW, MINI, and Toyota (Toyota models might be limited)
  • Now compatible with iOS (in Beta)
  • Trouble code Freeze frame
  • Advanced control unit information
  • Live data
  • Charts
  • Coding
  • Coding II
  • Long coding
  • Sub control units Information
  • Sub control units coding
  • Gateway installation list
  • Adaptation
  • Long adaptation
  • Basic settings
  • Output test
  • Security access
  • Login finder
  • Control unit reset (UDS)
  • Diagnostic service change
  • Control unit Backup
  • Control unit programming history
  • CAR programming history

What's Included:

  • OBDEleven Pro - Next Gen - New part number OBD11-00012