MOMO Prototipo 6C Steering Wheel 350mm

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Thanks to the iconic design of gradual holes, the Prototipo 6C utilizes MOMO technology to deliver a steering wheel that is light without sacrificing resistance and flexibility. The genuine carbon fiber design gives this steering wheel a modern, sporty look from its glossy wrap. Luxury is in the details of the complex cross stitching, a testament to MOMO€™s impeccable craftsmanship. Premium quality leather performs as good as it feels while improving the overall feel of the Prototipo 6C.


  • Diameter: 350mm
  • Series: Street
  • Use: Street
  • Buttons: No
  • Grip Shape: Round
  • Mount: Pre-drilled - 6-Hole
  • Steering Wheel Dish: 39mm
  • Grip Section: 30x29

What's Included:

  • MOMO Prototipo 6C Steering Wheel 350mm