MOMO MOD. Drift Steering Wheel 330mm

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The MOMO MOD Drift steering wheel is specifically designed for better grip and handling while drifting, this is attributed primarily from the wheels 88mm deep concave dish. This dish pushes the rim closer to the driver as well as closer to the gear lever, cutting down on time your hand travels from the shift knob back to the steering wheel. The three-spoke MOMO MOD Drift racing steering wheel is built with finger notches on the back and thick grip sections providing more control and comfort. The 330mm black suede covered rim with contrasting twin yellow centering stripes at the top, gives drivers with a quick reference guide. One of the three anthracite anodized spokes features a stamped MOMO logo hand painted in yellow. Keeping some street car functionality the MOD Drift Steering wheel comes equipped with a MOMO horn button.


  • Diameter: 330mm
  • Series: Racing
  • Use: Racing
  • Buttons: No
  • Grip Shape: Round
  • Mount: Pre-drilled 6-Hole
  • Steering Wheel Dish: 88mm
  • Grip Section 30x30

What's Included:

  • MOMO¬† MOD. Drift Steering Wheel 330mm