MOMO MOD. 29 Steering Wheel 270mm

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Based on the oval shaped MOMO MOD. 27, and Cut out top MOD. 27/C the MOD. 29 formula racing steering wheel is the best of both worlds. Its flat bottom design provides additional leg room while driving and maneuvering in an out of a race seat. While its flat top shape improves visibility of the vehicles gauge cluster. Covered in premium suede, the ergonomic grip is designed for quick, responsive steering. The MOD. 29's blank mounting surface provides the flexibility of allowing it to be custom drilled for any race vehicle.


  • Diameter: 270mm
  • Series: Racing
  • Use: Racing
  • Buttons: No
  • Grip Shape: Flat Bottom - Flat-Top
  • Mount: Pre-drilled - 6-Hole
  • Steering Wheel Dish: 0mm
  • Grip Section: 34x26

What's Included:

  • MOMO MOD. 29 Steering Wheel 270mm