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Description: Downpipe w/Build in CEL Delete

Material: T304 stainless steel

Piping Diameter to Turbo: CNC flange With 86mm collector

Piping Body: 3.5” pipe Body

Piping Diameter to Exhaust: 3.5in connects to 3in exhaust

Notes: Will not throw CEL no tuning needed is optional if you want to extract more power. Comes with third O2 Bung if users want to install wideband or exhaust temperature gauge.

Fitment: 20+ Toyota Supra 3.0T

Notes: Not for sale in California not CARB Legal

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  • All products are made out of High Quality 304 Stainless Steel to ensure strong, yet durable products.

  • We strive to make our products as plug-and-play as possible and to retain factory options such as OEM Heat Shield Retention.

  • Parts are manufactured with some Precision Machine Welds to ensure accurate fitment and consistent quality.

  • Parts are made to be more durable than OEM parts which may include features such as a Reinforced Flex Pipe.

  • At Kenji Garage, we strive to deliver a performance product as well as mindset, whenever possible, we will attempt to make products more versatile for the enthusiast at hand, such as the custom addition of an Added Bung for Tuning reasons.

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