HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Coilover Kit Toyota A90 Supra

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Many various developing tests have been carried out on the track at Fuji International Speedway and on the street. Mr. Manabu Orido (also known as Mr. Supra) set a 1.682s faster time on racing track at Fuji International Speedway with only suspension upgrade.


  • This suspension utilized a conventional shock absorber rather than factory electronically controlled one and a vehicle easy to control according to the driver's intention.
  • Using the high rate spring provides a smooth ride without too stiff feeling and at the same time helps to translate a feedback from tires.
  • Adjustment type pillow upper allows to adjust the camber angle.
  • The billet aluminum upper plate is used at the rear. This is for weight saving without losing the necessary strength.
  • The straight wound spring is used at both front and rear allowing to easily change spring rates
  • Spring rate [N/mm(kgf/mm)]: F=137(14)/R=176(16)
  • Spring Length (mm): F=150(straight wound only) | R=200(straight wound)
  • Height at factory (Upper-Lower): RZ: F=-25(-14 to -61)/R=-25(-5 to -72) | SZ-R: F=-17(-6 to -53)/R=-26(-6 to -73) | SZ: F=-30(-19 to -66)/R=-31(-11 to -78)
  • Upper mount: F=pillow/R=pillow
  • Upper mount Assy before shipment: No
  • Spring rate change at factory: F=No | R=Yes
  • For installing RZ(DB42)/SZ-R(DB22), error canceler is required due to removed factory Electronic Control Shock Absorber.
  • Ships preset to RZ(DB42). When installing to SZ-R(DB22)/SZ(DB82), please change to test data as shown in the installation manual.


Other Part Numbers:
HKS #hks80250-AT003