DINAN Rear Toe Links - BMW G20/G22/G23/G26/G29/G42/G43 and Toyota Supra A90/A91

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Dinan's Rear Toe Links add precision and predictability at the limit.

The stock rear toe links are built with rubber bushings and a curved forged alloy rod. This design allows the rear wheels to have excessive toe change under hard acceleration and braking. All of this flex in the stock toe links causes the car to be unstable. Dinan stops the flex by replacing the rubber bushings with Teflon coated machined steel rod ends and the OEM curved bar with straight billet aluminum rods, thus adding stability. The Dinan rear toe link also incorporates a hex nut shaped center to aid in the necessary fine adjustment of the toe link that is tough to achieve using the stock link.


  • Replaces the stock rear toe link & rubber bushings with precision machine black-anodized aluminum rods and racing-quality rod ends
  • Dramatically improves vehicle stability during hard cornering
  • Improves response by eliminating the deflection of the rubber bushings
  • Rod-ends are Teflon-lined for quiet operation
  • Rod-ends incorporate left and right hand thread, which allows quick and accurate toe adjustment by simply turning center turnbuckle eliminating the need to struggle with the factory eccentric adjustment
  • Rubber boots protect rod ends from environmental damage for long lasting performance and removes the need for constant cleaning

What's Included:

  • DINAN Rear Toe Links