CANchecked MFD32 GEN 2 – 3.2″ Display Supra MK5 A90/A91 – LHD

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We worked on it for a long time – here it is: the CANchecked Display Supra MK5 (A90/A91) Access to all data from the engine control unit. So ALL. The sensors are queried directly via Can Bus and are displayed on our proven MFD32 . With the flexible software, we rotated the view by 90°, which enabled us to find the perfect spot. The Supra MK5 display comes with a vehicle-specific panel and fits into the interior like an original part. The sensors are queried by the CAN bus using the manufacturer-specific protocol. We have optimized the protocol to achieve maximum query speed. Key features: integrates perfectly into the vehicle interior up to 128 sensors can be queried 10 individually configurable views with our DSS – Display Setup Software ready-made views for a quick start with our display simply plug and play via our cable set – plug in, done 4 additional analogue inputs for exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure and more Ethanol sensor connection directly to the display best readability – optionally enclosed anti-reflection film Querying the sensors like manufacturer diagnostic tools By default, we deliver a ready-made TRI file to your display. All sensors that are queried are defined here. Temperatures: Engine water temperature, intake temperature, exhaust gas temperature, transmission temperature, oil temperature pressures: Boost pressure, ambient pressure, oil pressure, fuel pre-supply pressure, exhaust gas pressure, rail pressure lambda/mixture Lambda value target/actual, MAF (air mass), torque, performance, injection correction Driver dynamics: Front and rear brake pressure, vehicle speed, throttle angle/accelerator pedal position, steering angle, accelerator pedal, longitudinal and lateral acceleration Miscellaneous Engine speed, total ignition angle, ignition angle per cylinder, gear, battery voltage, boost pressure control valve actuation Analog inputs further sensors can be added here: oil temperature, fuel pressure, oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature, etc. but also an ethanol sensor (flex fuel) If values ​​are missing, they can easily be added. ATTENTION: not every engine offers all values!