AWE Tuning Foiler Wind Diffuser - A90/A91 Supra

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AWE’s Foiler™ Wind Diffuser, once again, sets the standard for defeating wind buffeting. Originating on Porsche 991 models, each Foiler™ is designed specifically for the platform they’re going on (instead of using previous designs and applying it to a new model). 

If we’ve done this before, why didn’t we use the same designs that work for Porsches? Well, it’s simple. We observed reports of drivers experiencing “wind whistle” when their windows were up after equipping designs that followed suit of our previous iterations, as well as proving these observations to be true after rigorous in-house testing. Alas, we decided to create a bespoke design for the GR Supra that not only defeats buffeting with the windows down, but also doesn't introduce another issue -- wind whistle -- with the windows up.

The AWE Foiler™ Wind Diffuser boasts an unobtrusive yet elegant design, sharing an aesthetic with the existing mirror trim that allows it to look as if it came on the Supra from the factory.

Easily installed via the included die-cut adhesive, the Foiler™ doesn’t draw unnecessary attention with carbon weave or enlarged wings, nor does it share the same cost as other designs on the market.

Simply stick on, roll the windows down, and let ‘er rip (safely).


  • Proven to kill the dreaded Supra “wind whistle” at speeds up to 130mph with windows up or down

  • Elegant design prevents head-imploding wind buffeting 
  • Allows you to drive with your windows down on the street and the track
  • Features a recessed base to accommodate adhesive material thickness
  • From the pioneers and creators of the original Foiler™ Wind Diffuser
  • UV-stabilized injection-molded design for the perfect OE-style look
  • Combats buffeting, both on the street and on the track
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Perfect OE-like aesthetic and fitment
  • Comes as a set of two, driver and passenger-side, complete with die-cut adhesive

What's Included:

  • AWE Tuning Foiler Wind Diffuser