Air Lift Performance 3P/3H Manifold

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The heart of every 3H and 3P system is most advanced state of the art manifold Air Lift Performance has ever created. Constructed using the best components and materials Air Lift could find, this system has also undergone rigorous torture testing to ensure this system will last for countless miles to come! Featuring a 32-bit processor that provides sophisticated height and pressure algorithms to give you the most precise control over all four corners of your vehicle. This system has also been designed to be installed as simply as possible with minimal, streamlined harness connections between the controller, manifold, and power supply. This manifold has been fully integrated from the get go with built in Bluetooth eliminating the need for additional components and wiring to connect your mobile device to the system. Air Lift Performance has also included a built in accelerometer that can detect the movement of the vehicle and make extremely accurate adjustments to ride height at anytime using the height sensors or keeping your bag pressure in line with your pre-set values.



  • 3P/3H Manifold
  • Air Lift Black Anodized Aluminum Display
  • Manifold option of Push-To-Connect (PTC) or Threaded ports
  • Push-To-Connect ports available in 1/4" or 3/8" air line sizes
  • Threaded comes with 1/4" threaded FNPT ports for attaching threaded fittings to the ports.

What's Included:

  • Air Lift Performance 3P/3H Manifold