034Motorsport Rebuild Kit - Adjustable Front Control Arm Heim Joints

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We now offer a rebuild kit for 034Motorsport Density Line Adjustable Upper Control Arms! These parts are a direct replacement for the rod ends and dust boots that are supplied with brand new arms.

    What's Included:

    • Aurora Spherical Rod Ends (Set of 4)
    • Jam Nuts (Set of 4)
    • Rubber Dust Boots (Set of 4)
    • Billet Machined Pin (Set of 4)

    Please Note: This kit does not include Density Line inner control arm bushings.  We also sell a complete Rebuild Kit for Density Line Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms that includes everything needed to refresh the entire control arm.

    The price of this kit is artificially low, designed to be a good value for customers who have purchased our 034Motorsport Density Line Adjustable Upper Control Arms.  For those customers who don't own our control arm kit looking for these parts separately, the price will be higher.